Bab & Daughter

Description: Making diz bitch cream cuz on crip and she ugly im inneed of a bab jhhl

Lenght: 08:12

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You called her ugly.. better hope she dont cut you little dick ass off. if u packin a pecker be humble because il get her she be m.i.a you'll be straight ghosted

1 year, 3 months ago


Good stuff bro if i were you with a dick like that i'd queef the hell outta that ugly mature pussy.

2 years ago


Come put dat loc dicc in me?

2 years ago


If y'all know her in real life then mention it?.. .what's there gain by doing that ? there are way to many fools amongst my ppl mehn.

3 years ago


Lol...you fools too funny...neva

6 years ago

Big d eastsidda

Yeah she ugly ok... dat bitch pussy is da shit by sound alone... rt!

7 years ago


"on crip", hahahaha. nothing is more pathetic than an internet gangbanger

7 years ago


You're in need of an english lesson

7 years ago

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